About Her.

 Her name is Jillian.
She's twenty years old.
She loves to create things.
She's weird and likes it that way.
She's a hard worker.
Her favorite music is indie.
Her favorite movies are chick flicks.
Her time is spent in the classroom, in the dance studio, 
on her long board, or curled up in a 
warm blanket watching Criminal Minds.  
She believes in living, loving, and laughing 
until tears stream down her face. 
She wants to share her thoughts, stories, 
and discoveries with all who happen 
to stumble upon this webpage.

And she'd like to know a little bit about you.


Becca said...

Hi Jillian! Nice to meet you! Haha. I'm Becca!! I've actually followed your blog for awhile now. I love it so much! It's sooo cute! Perhaps you could follow me back! We could be bloggie buddies! :)



Kiana Bates said...

Hey there!
I'm Kiana, and I love your blog.
and I think you're gorgeous...

Love your blog!



Chantal Meade said...

Hey, I'm Chantal. I love those types of laughs too! Nice to meet you.

Www.stilldeeper.blogspot.com. Come by anytime :-)