Just Learning How to Adult.

^Throwback to summer 2013. Sure do miss this girl. Two and a half months, people.

//Summer is funny as an adult. It's definitely different from the lazy, carefree, pre-high-school-graduation summers I'm used to. I work pretty much full time, and when I'm not working, I'm running errands and doing other boring adult things that I couldn't do because I was at work. It's a paaarrrtttyyy, let me tell ya. I like to squeeze in some fun activities when I can, though. For example, I hiked up to the Spanish Fork hot pots with my siblings at 10 pm, finally returning home at 4 am. Not an ideal situation when you have to go to work in the morning, but who needs sleep? We can sleep when we're dead, right? That's what I always say.

//You guys. I finally got a queen size bed. I know, I know. I'm twenty years old and have never slept in anything bigger than a twin. But I am happy to say that I can at long last sleep with my limbs spread out in all directions. SO PUMPED.

//I've officially been accepted into the Interior Design program at LDSBC. My first round of fall classes will include Intro to ID, Drafting, Color Theory, and Principles of Design. HOW FUN DOES THAT SOUND THO. This major is so perfect for me. I am so excited. I went up to my sister's house last week to help her decorate her new apartment and I was literally giddy the whole day. She thinks I did her a favor, but the truth is, I was having so much fun. My mom is also having me redecorate her kitchen this summer, too. Oh happy day!

//Speaking of adult things, I'm getting a new car soon! Like I'll be taking out a real LOAN and having my dad COSIGN so I can start building CREDIT. Those are big fat adult words right there.

//I haven't been on vacation for like over 3 years now and I am in serious need. Someone please take me to California so I can do yoga on the beach because I've always wanted to do that. But really... who wants to go? LEGGO.

//I will always and forever be baffled by the concept of time. I just don't understand it. Like, how is it that a single day can feel like a millions years, but then you blink once and it's already June of 2015? Me no understand. I keep thinking, "I'm still young. I've got tons of time." But that's not really true, is it? Because the older I get, the faster times seems to pass by. And sometimes I really want time to pass by quickly, but then other times I'm just like STAHP. Time is so precious. Each second that goes by is a second you can never get back. We have to make the most of everyday.

//Even though I get overwhelmed at times, I do really love this stage of life I am in. I know that the decade ahead of me is full of scary things like big decisions, transitions, a whole lot of firsts, and more adult words entering my regular vocabulary, but I am excited. I am excited to see where life takes me and who I become. So far life has been pretty exceptional, so I gonna go ahead and say BRING IT, FUTURE.

Hope your summer is going wonderfully. Remember to drink lots of water and wear sunscreen. 

Yours Truly,


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