Happy List: 2

From my daily life:
Completing my second and final year at UVU// My new hair// Clothes shopping with my brother// SUNSHINE// Listening to General Conference talks while painting my nails// Binge-watching One Tree Hill on Netflix // Almond Milk// Realizing how soon all my friends will be home from their missions// Writing a missionary I've never met before// The Dashboard Confessional Pandora station (such an amazing throwback)// My sizable tax return (thank you, college tuition)// These banana oat cookies// Watching Zoella and Alfie's vlogs// The Puppy Barn// Turkey and spinach paninis// Getting a 94 on my final business report that I put too many hours into to count// Spring cleaning and decluttering (totally not a real word)//

From the internet:
This article about loving your body// This video of a puppy with hiccups// This video that makes me even more excited to be a mom than I already am//

Funny things people have said:
My dad: "Why do people always try to feed me tomato butts? Who wants to eat a tomato butt?"

What makes you happy?

Yours Truly,


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